Designing and building a home is the process to develop the most important physical framework in a person’s life. We know the expressions “My home is my castle” and “Home is where the heart is”. For some people a BlueSky Riviera villa is their home away from home, for others this is where they live permanently.

We believe a home is so much more than a practical space where every day starts and ends. It is about how the day starts and ends, but not least it’s about what happens between the start and the end of the day.

“For us architecture and villa design is not about building a house, it is about creating spaces designed to generate the right atmosphere as well as catering for practical requirements.”

Our aim is to design and build safe, cocooning dwelling places as a framework for your life on the Costa del Sol. We have made a real effort to provide a combination of luxury contemporary modern design and practical solutions for everyday living, into one unique package. We are sure the BlueSky Riviera experience creates the perfect framework for great moments.

“Rooms and shapes, light and shade, materials, textures and paint, in aesthetic symbiosis – makes great design.”

A great dwelling place is first and foremost about people, but the design and architecture, the room shapes and sizes, the choice of materials and colours will directly impact the quality of our life. A great dwelling place manages to combine the need for a great atmosphere and practical solutions.

BlueSky Riviera has put all the design and planning efforts into designing villas that will live up to the following slogan:

“You have arrived when you don’t want to leave.”

We have, no doubt, placed the bar high with BlueSky Riviera. Our objective is to provide all the SkyVilla owners with an area and homes they will not want to leave.


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